Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Dang Tweets

There should be a new word for how we’re feeling these days. Hopeful/angry/baffled = hangled? Anyway, when you’re ready for a break from all the craziness, these tweets are here for you. Take a lil laugh break, huh?


And we as well do not intend to.


… we kinda wish?


Oh little buddy.

‘The blood doesn’t come out of the same place as the pee?’ – every bro.


Yum yum yum everything is garbage!


Lock up your nuts, because we’re marching straight over to burn down the patriarchy.


How convenient!


Yeah maybe both those American heroes didn’t know, ok?!?


Oh god we can’t stop laughing at this.


Do whatever it takes to get through to your reps and don’t stop doing it.


Who would have thought a bunch of dicks would grow up to be a bunch of dicks. Huh!


Shoutout to all the rude baristas and ghosting Tinder dates for staying on-brand.


Go ahead and call the mortician because we are dead.


May the strength of our pettiness see us all through these dark times.


We’ve got snacks!

Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Fucking Tweets


Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Gettin Down on Friday

We definitely are. Whether you’re coming down off of a hellishly long week, or you’re getting amped for the weekend, these tweets are sure to make you giggle. And who doesn’t like giggling? Unless you’re a dementor or some other soulless creature, allow these hi-LAR-ious tweets take you away to GiggleFest2016. (Trying to make that a real thing, to be honest).

Two equally important questions.

The best comebacks always occur to us way too late.

SERIOUSLY, what the hell is up with “grape flavor” tasting NOTHING LIKE A GRAPE?

The truest of statements.

*Squirms uncomfortably*

This tweet deserves a standing ovation.

The family in “The Witch” had definite issues, but having fun wasn’t one of them!


High hopes for the future?

The most relatable tweet ever tweeted.

*Evil cackle*

We call this “Liz Lemon-ing.”

Is there a level higher than cringing uncontrollably? If so, that’s what we’re doing.

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