Hitting The Beach? Don’t Forget Your Male Romper!

Call it what you want: dude romper, romp-him, boy onesie. But male rompers are this summer’s big fashion hit. And as this adorable music video from Jane Johnsen demonstrates, they might also be the key to finding true love.

Think You’re Smarter Than A Smart Girl?

Think again, chump. The rad as hell Amy Poehler brought some adorable kids from her Smart Girls program on The Tonight Show, and they absolutely destroyed. This is the cutest thing ever and WE’RE NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

Landline Is The Sister Story We’ve Been Waiting For

When Obvious Child came out in 2014, it made us believe that women in movies could actually act like real human women. And now the dream team of writer/director Gillian Robespierre and star Jenny Slate have reunited for the movie we’ve maybe been waiting for since we were born. This tale of two sisters trying to navigate adulthood is gonna make you laugh, cry, and call your family. AND THAT’S JUST FROM THE TRAILER.

Anna Kendrick Can’t Stop Siiiingiiiiing

We all know that girl who sings everything she says. And look, we all hate that girl. But can you imagine the horror of discovering that you ARE that girl? Anna Kendrick has lived through that nightmare and can tell the tale. It would be awful, if she wasn’t so dang cute.

Petey Gibson Is Our Creator Of The Week!

How badass is Petey Gibson?? From creating the hilarious series Meals With Mary to writing rad sketches to performing stand-up and improv all over the globe, there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do. We’re card carrying members of the Petey Posse, and we wanted everyone to share in the magic that is this hilarious comedian. So we created a playlist of a few of their greatest hits, so you get in on the party. Yay Petey!

Funny Lady of the Week: Nina Concepcion

Let us introduce you to a very special lady. Nina Concepción is an actor, writer, improviser, author, comedian and all around badass babe. She wrote a hilarious book of essays, she’s a performer at the UCB Theatre in LA, and she co-created Schmotts, an amazing webseries that’s making the festival circuit. There’s nothing she can’t do, tbh. So who better to pick as our creator of the week! Pour out a glass of rosé for our heroine, and watch these sketches and clips like there’s no tomorrow. Yay Nina!