Ctrl Alt Delete That Pregnancy

Knocked up? No worries! Luckily we still live in a country where you can end that pregnancy safely and legally. And without safe and legal abortions, we wouldn’t have this hilarious and poignant web series from creators Roni Geva and Margaret Katch. Plus we’d all be pregnant as hell.

This is just the first episode, so make sure you follow them over on Facebook to see all the other shmashmortion stories as they come out.

To The Ladies Of Dunder Mifflin

Ever had to babysit your male boss because he’s too busy hatching some harebrained scheme that’s just going to end up costing the company money? You might be every female employee ever. OR you might be one of the lovable ladies of Dunder Mifflin from The Office on NBC! Mo Polyak wrote and performed this tribute to Pam, Kelly, Donna, Jan, Meredith, Angela, and Phyllis, and the rest, and now we can’t stop humming it.

Summer Shirt Troubles? Try The Ball and Socket Pocket!

Shoulders! They’re fine in moderation, but lately it seems like every summer top requires you to have the ol bra holders bare. It’s obnoxious – what about us ladies with weird shoulders?!? With the first day of summer finally here, we are strrrrruggling to find tops.

Well good news, fashionistas. WhoHaha and Beth Hoyt have you covered (literally) with our fabulous new product – The Ball and Socket Pocket!

We Can’t Wait To Party With Sasheer

Sasheer Zamata leaving Saturday Night Live is a tragedy. But Sasheer having enough free time to create and host a live comedy talk show? That is a big win for everyone. ‘Party Time’ looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast, and you better believe we’ll be tuning in every week! Let the trailer hype you up, then get ready to watch it here.

Great Moments In Cinema History

Great cinema is a symphony, in which the writing and acting blend together harmoniously to create a masterpiece. And in this triumph of filmmaking, actor and artiste Nina Concepcion presents the great monologues from movie history. You haven’t seen Tremors til you’ve seen it performed by a serious actress.