Sarah Silverman Is A Comedy Queen

Show of hands – how many of us first realized we were allowed to be funny because of Sarah Silverman? Yeah, that’s what we thought. For a lot of us the salty Jewess introduced us to the idea that we could be raunchy and silly and hilarious and not have to apologize for it. She’s controversial for sure, but she gets away with it because the woman is a damn genius when it comes to writing a joke or a song. We’ve got love for Silverman, so we made her a playlist as a lil present. And you get to enjoy it too!

Fortune Feimster Argues With Jesus

Are you already on the Fortune Feimster train? Cause if not, you need to take a serious look at your life choices. She’s Nurse Colette on The Mindy Project, she was one of the best parts of Chelsea Lately, and she’s a stand-up machine. This set from Late Night is the perfect way to get to know Fortune, since she discusses her virginal past and her current fashion choices. That penis swatting noise makes everything in life better somehow.

Kathy Griffin Is A Treasure

Big Griff has a lot of material on being on the Hollywood D-list. She even had a whole reality tv show about being a minor celeb. But she’s also one of the women who blazed a trail for bad bitches in comedy. She was doing dark, messed-up material long before anyone let women on tv be anti-heros, and she’s always been unapologetically herself. And that makes her an A-list badass in our book. So sit back, relax, and let these Kathy clips take you up up and away.

Barbara Gray Is So Mysterious

GodDAMN Barbara Gray is funny. She kills it on her podcast Lady-to-Lady, she cracks us up in her sketch series Barb & Whitney, but she’s at her purest and Barb-iest when she’s doing standup. Like in this hilarious set, where she names her stretch marks, covers her celebrity doppelganger, confronts her nemesis, and calls out her bad therapist. Very fun stuff.