Marriage Is About Burdening Each Other

Mawwiage! It’s the most powerful expression of the union between two people. Also, it’s very weird and insane and sometimes the other person thinks they can ask you for weird stuff in bed. It’s *sniff* it’s beautiful.


Enough With These Illegal Canadians Already

Where’s our Canadian wall, huh?! Cristela Alonzo just kills us dead with laughter, whether she’s talking about buying bras, being Latina, or how we Americans coddle our chickens. We’re sad her show Cristela isn’t on tv anymore, but we can’t wait to see more of her slaying the comedy game. Meanwhile, enough with the Celine Dion people.

Are You Secretly In Love With Paige Weldon?

Growing up ain’t easy. You’re supposed to get your own health insurance, you’re supposed to already own a bed, you’re supposed to not look exactly like a middle schooler. Shit sucks. Fortunately for us, there are role models like Paige Weldon forging the way to adulthood. In this pretty much perfect stand-up set, Paige teaches us why we’re not allowed to have futons anymore and how to avoid looking like a hard-living preteen.

Also for more from Paige you gotta check out her album, it’s solid gold all the way through.