Spicer Is Back! And Madder Than Ever.

Melissa McCarthy was back hosting SNL this weekend and it was EV. RY. THING. The one good thing about Sean Spicer still being press secretary (which, like, how is that still a thing) is that we get Queen McCarthy’s impression of him every couple of weeks. And this time, there’s payoff for that glorious podium stunt from last week. PRAISE!

That Time Melissa Barfed On Her In-Laws Lawn

The greatest ever party story from our favorite lady? Sign us UP, honey. Watch this interview from Chelsea if you love Melissa McCarthy, want to hear about her being a little baby punk kid in college, and don’t get grossed out by vom stories. Because it has all that and more.

And if you love the greatest Spicer impersonator ever like we do, catch her on TV Land’s show nobodies!