Canadian Late-Night Adults-Only Dining: The Soap Opera

The glamour. The pizzaz. The reasonably priced cuts of meat. You know it’s gotta be… Michelle’s. Last year we brought you a sketch about the high-stakes, fast paced world of late night adult dining in British Columbia. And now we’ve got good news for all the Michelle-heads out there – they made a series pilot! Yes, Michelle’s is finally the setting of a soap opera, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. More proof that everything good comes from Canada.

Scared Straight With Uzo Aduba

Ughhh this season of Orange Is The New Black is truly killing us. We’re obsessed with every single character, but Crazy Eyes has been our spooky boo since season 1. Possibly because Uzo Aduba is a truly perfect person.

For example, did you know that she speaks Igbo? Also she was a star sprinter? And as we learned on Colbert this week, she’s straight up hilarious in real life and has the most charming laugh ever.