Emilia Clarke is Friggin Hilarious

Emilia Clarke doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to be funny playing Daenerys on Game of Thrones. Which is a crying damn shame if you ask us, because the woman is so so funny. She shines in interviews and she slays in sketches, and we’re 100% ready for her to host SNL and be in every buddy comedy movie. She’s gonna be the Khaleesi of Comedy someday, and while we wait for that to happen let’s all watch this playlist of a few of her greatest moments.

How To Talk To A Woman Who’s Wearing Headphones

Good news, ladies! WE SAID GOOD NEWS LADIES! Now there’s a way to get those pesky headphones out so you can hear every single catcall and come-on, no matter where you are!

Honest Monster did it again, with this crazy hilarious, super topical sketch about how to get hit on even more often. Lucky us!

Lauren Ash Is Maybe The Funniest Person On TV

PLEASE do not sleep on the greatness of Lauren Ash. She makes everything she’s in about 500% funnier, and we’ve been big fans for years now. From The Second City stage to the Superstore starring role, she’s a nonstop comedy killa.

Let this playlist teach you the glory of our fave primetime BadAsh (that’s a nickname we gave her that she has definitely not approved). FantAshtic!