Even Vampires Don’t Want Pity Invites

Halloween party season is here! Everyone’s gonna be dressing up and getting drunk and nibbling tapas or whatever. But if you’re an anxious person like we are, this season will have you wondering ‘do they really want me here, or is this a pity invite?’ And it turns out even spooky demons of the night feel the exact same way.

‘Ingrid Goes West’ Looks Amaaaazing

Y’all, this movie is gonna be straight up crazy. Aubrey Plaza stars in this tale of Instagram culture gone wild and it looks like there’s gonna be tears, hashtags, and freakin pepper spray to the face. We were born ready for this film.

When Your Period Turns You Into A Monster

You know how everyone is always like ‘Teen Wolf is just a metaphor for puberty’? Well folks with uteruses don’t need a metaphor. Once puberty hit, we started putting up with a monthly horror that makes werewolves look like cute lil Scottish fold kittens in comparison. So thank goodness our forever girl crush Bree Essrig (with the Nuclear Family team) created this love letter to horrifying periods.

Scary Feminist Campfire Tales

Be warned – these stories are verrrrry scary. Almost as scary as going on a first date with a man and not knowing if he might be a murderer! Or waiting alone for the bus at night! Or just basically being a woman always and everywhere! SO SCARY!

Honestly this sketch is everything to us, and it’s even more special knowing that it was made by an extremely dope all woman crew including writer Sydney Steinberg and director Brea Grant. Goddess bless all these spooky geniuses.

The Rita Repulsa Makeup Hack For Broke Bitches

Halloween is expensive, y’all. From the Lyft rides to the overpriced drinks to the 4am fries, this holiday sucks the money out of your wallet like a vampire for dead presidents. But luckily, we have our Buffy. Alex Lynn Ward has your makeup hack on lock, with this Rita Repulsa tutorial for broke chicks. It looks just like the professional version! Kind of.