Where The Eff Are The Tampons??

What’s up with tampons being impossible to find? When you stumble into the grocery store at 11pm, bloody and pissed, those babies should be right up front with the candy bars and Crock Pot Cooking magazines. But in real life, as in this sketch from Chelsea Frei and co-starring Noam Tomaschoff and Constantine Malahias, they get hidden away by the dumb pharmacy stock bros. Can’t you just let us bleed in peace?!?

It’s A Woman’s Right To Choose (Bangs)

This society’s always tryna tell you what to do with your body. Wear this! Shave that! Exfoliate all of those dangly parts! Blech, hate it.

But the greatest body-shaming of all, it sometimes seems, comes with deciding to get bangs. Everyone wants to weigh in on whether you’re ready for them, whether it’s your fault for letting your hair grow that long in the first place, and on and on. In this sketch from writer Beth Alexandroff, two women wrestle with the moral implications of getting bangs.