All Aboard, Bishes!

The trailer for the new Magic School Bus reboot is here and frankly we are stoked. Ms Frizzle is back (but as Professor Frizzle) and she brought her badass younger sister. And the whole thing looks like a magical scientific feminist paradise. Sure, some nerds are like ‘but the animation’. To that we say ‘BUT LILY TOMLIN AND KATE MCKINNON, CASE CLOSED IDIOTS’. Watch, learn, and enjoy y’all.

The 4th Haim Sister Is Terrible

Everyone knows about the Haim sisters! Their hair is as long and center-parted as their music is fun and clever. But did you know that there’s a fourth Haim? And that she’s an absolute monster??

This perfect sketch was written by D’arcy Carden and Jen Statsky and directed by Lucia Aniello, and created by a mostly female crew. HELL YEAH.

Landline Is The Sister Story We’ve Been Waiting For

When Obvious Child came out in 2014, it made us believe that women in movies could actually act like real human women. And now the dream team of writer/director Gillian Robespierre and star Jenny Slate have reunited for the movie we’ve maybe been waiting for since we were born. This tale of two sisters trying to navigate adulthood is gonna make you laugh, cry, and call your family. AND THAT’S JUST FROM THE TRAILER.

The Corden Sisters Are America’s Sweethearts Now

James Corden is the Corden sibling with the hoity toity Hollywood career. But it turns out his sisters are just as naturally hilarious. The NFL is having some big London spirals-and-crumpets type of situation, and The Late Late Show sent Andrea and Ruth Corden into the fray. And also into the men’s locker room. They had us (and a bunch of big old linebackers) just peeing with laughter. Look out America, there are two new British cuties here to steal our hearts.

Ask A Girl: Blood Sisters

Instead of being like ‘ew periods are gross’, everyone should see them for what they really are. Namely: PROOF OF OUR WITCHY POWERS. They sync up with the moon, they sync up with our nearest and dearest, and they literally have the power to create life. That’s tight as hell.

In this episode of Ask A Girl, Elizabeth Banks – head of our coven of comedy witches – sets a man straight about women cycling together. Do we get scared? Nah Matt. We get HYPE.

This Sherlock Parody Has Us Cry-Laughing

If you’re not already up on the greatness of The Hillywood Show, today is gonna be a really good day for you. Sisters Hanna and Hilly Hindi make hilarious song and dance parodies of tv shows and movies, and just generally slay all day on Youtube. This Sherlock/Macklemore mash-up combines all of our guilty pleasures in one delicious smoothie of comedy.

Also?  The production values on this are just ridiculous, someone please give these women all the money so they can make a movie already.