Gloria Steinem Infiltrates Playboy

The Drunk History hits just keep coming. Our favorite new story is from Katie Nolan, comedy sports commentator and officially one of the funniest weirdos alive. And guess who plays slightly problematic feminist hero Gloria Steinem? Abbi Friggin Jacobson, that’s who! She and Jane Krakowski are a dynamic duo and frankly this tale would make a great tv series all on its own.

The Real ‘Stranger Thing’ Is Office Sexism

Eleven from Stranger Things grows up and gets a job. It sounds like the setup for a punchline, but as it turns out being a woman in a workplace full of douchey dudes is no laughing matter. That is, until Eleven starts to work her magic. This short from sketch team Feminarchy has everything we love in it, and we’re positive you’re gonna love it too.

Get Your Pantsuit On, It’s Debatin’ Time

Tonight’s the night! The two presidential candidates are going toe-to-toe (or we guess big hair to big hair) in the first official debate. We truly cannot wait for the live-tweet storm that’s about to break.

But in the few hours left, let’s all huddle around our laptops and enjoy this throwback sketch featuring two of the greatest comedians ever taking down sexism in politics.

Rio Real Talk: So Much Sexism

The Rio Olympics are in the rearview here in the US. But like a Tinder dude who can’t take a hint, sexism just keeps popping up!

The geniuses of Those Girls bring us the perfect recap of the games. Looks like the TLDR is lots of women athletes kicking ass, and lots of male commentators winning gold in putting their feet in their dumb mouths.