Sometimes critics of feminism make great points. But mostly what meninists on the internet do is go ‘BUT WHY WON’T WOMEN DATE ME ugh feminism is cancer #misandryis4real’. And that’s… not super helpful. The comedy powerhouses of Soresi&Sass (aka Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass) bring you this tale of feminism RUN AMOK.

The Lost Gilmhower Girls (It’s Pronounced Gilmore)

We all know the Gilmore girls. The sassy and quippy mother and daughter team pretty much saw us through adolescence, and made us really insufferable to be around for a little bit there. But do you know about the Gilmhower girls? Turns out they were in the background of the show the whole time, just trying to get half as much attention as those friggin Gilmores.

Creators Clare Loughran and Lucé Tomlin-Brenner are definitely getting us in the Stars Hollow Spirit. Plus they’ll be posting more Gilmhower girls magic tomorrow, so subscribe and follow and live ya best life.

This Is The Greatest Gatsby Ever

We never knew how badly we wanted to hear the phrase ‘millionaire nipples’ before we saw this sketch from genius Maggie Monahan. So much better than the DiCaprio one, it’s not even funny. Except that this triumph of fan fic is really, really funny.

This bad boy also features the talents of Caitlin Coons, Ryan McGowan, Patrick McDonald, Kelly Voke, and Forrest Tiffany, aka Bearhug.

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Damn Tweets

Can you believe we made it through ALL the debates AND it’s almost Halloween? Damn, 2016 is finally turning around y’all.

Anyway enjoy this week’s funniest, smartest, sassiest tweets. We know we did!


Yeah except Taylor Swift has actual friends.


Carrie Fisher is our favorite person on Twitter. Can you imagine if she and Cher hung out? Paradise.


Omg this is who the showrunner on Another Period is, now it makes sense why it’s the greatest show on TV.




Never related so hard to a tweet in our whole entire lives.


Our relationships with old dudes who try to talk to us in the auto parts store will never be the same.


Yaas yaas a thousand times YAAS!


Ok fine you get the promotion.


Gotta make this our bio on all socia media STAT




She looked like if Steve Martin was a hot alien grandma. It made us believe in love again.


Truly so rude. Those gems are for the mummies, Lara!


Been there, man. Been… there.


That’ll be nice!

?Pussy Grabs Back?

There are lots of ways to grab a person. With your words, for example, or with a funny joke. But also, if you’re a really awful person, you can grab ’em by the pussy! The only danger of that is, sometimes the pussy grabs back.

This catchy little ditty from Kim Boekbinder makes us want to go out and smash the patriarchy through votes. Let’s grab em back, ladies!

Quiz: Which Vague, Passive-Aggressive Facebook Status Are You?

Whether it’s your teenage cousin or that dude from Tinder who added you, we all know someone blowing up Facebook with vague statuses. Sure, they could just confront the person they’re mad at. But then everyone wouldn’t get to enjoy guessing who they’re talking about!

So which of these passive-aggressive, poorly spelled Facebook statuses best captures your personality? Take our quiz to find out!


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