Let Stinger Take The ??? Out Of Online Dating

Hoo boy, online dating. The thing is, you never really know who you’re meeting at the local TGI Friday’s. They could be a great person with a cute dog, or a horrifying garbage monster. If only this sketch from the geniuses of Margarita Wilson were real, and Stinger were an actual app. Cuz something that filtered out the men who’ve been convicted of sexual assault would be REALLY REALLY NICE.

Can A Gal Get A Day Off??

Boy oh boy, are we ready for the weekend! We could all use a day off, what with this being a stressful season and all. But the thing is, no one in the world needs a day off more than Kellyanne Conway.

Poor sweet Kellyanne. Every time Trump tweets something horrifying or blurts out a slur, the bubbly campaign manager is there, mumbling about how that’s not actually what he said, doing damage control as best she can. It sounds exhausting tbh. But when Kellyanne is played by Kate McKinnon, it’s also friggin hilarious.

The Dating App For People Who Like To Fix People

There’s two types of people in this world. People who just find someone and decide to love them as they are, and people who realize that everyone needs to be fixed and they’re the people to do the job. Well good news fixers! Now there’s Fixr!

This ad from writer Caroline Haubold and sketch team Pocketwatch speaks to us on a way-too-real level. ‘Someone as needy as I am controlling’ oh nooooo.

Maybe Don’t Touch Dulce Sloan Without Permission

Ok so you know Dulcé Sloan is #1, right? If not you’ve been missing something very important in your life. She’s funny as all hell, she seems like the best person to brunch with, and she’s got some very important life tips to share. Her stand-up is our everything.


Uber For Jen? Or Uber For Anarchy?

If you think about it, Uber is a pretty wild concept. You’re just supposed to trust a stranger to drive you where you wanna go? What if they’re a crazy person? Or worse, they try to play Garth Brooks or something???!?

This SNL sketch stars our girl Banks as a surprisingly chill Uber passenger. And side note, the show lost director Matt Villines this week. He was crazy talented and made opportunities for some of our favorite ladies to shine. He’ll be missed.