Unleashed Might Be The Perfect Rom Com

Have you ever been like ‘damn, I wish I could find someone to date who’d understand me like my pets do?’ Also, have you ever thought ‘I wish Kate Micucci would star in her own movie already?’. Oh honey, do we have news for you.

Unleashed looks like the cutest romantic comedy since Julia Roberts started doing drama. It stars Micucci as a woman who gives up on dating after her douchebag ex-boyfriend destroys her heart (sound familiar?) and who wishes that she could find a man as loving as her dog and cat. The rest is some classic Freaky Friday wackiness, and our hearts are already so full just from the trailer.

Finally! A Romantic Comedy About A Girl And a Corporate Pizza Twitter Account

Let’s be completely honest: pizza will forever and always be the greatest love of most of our lives. But what about when you actually start to fall in love with a pizza company’s twitter handle? This fake movie trailer, written by Celeste Ballard and starring The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney, is so perfectly hilarious.

We’ve all been there – the butterflies in our belly when Olive Garden or Target retweets us, the flutter in our heart when we get an @ mention! This movie trailer for the fictional film, “Love @ Last,” is so relatable on all levels.