Great Moments In Cinema History

Great cinema is a symphony, in which the writing and acting blend together harmoniously to create a masterpiece. And in this triumph of filmmaking, actor and artiste Nina Concepcion presents the great monologues from movie history. You haven’t seen Tremors til you’ve seen it performed by a serious actress.

Let’s Celebrate Allison Janney!

We wish Allison Janney was in every movie and on every tv show. You might think that’s an exaggeration but honestly, can you think of one film that wouldn’t be improved by adding Allison Janney? One show that couldn’t stand a dose of the Jannster? Yeah nah didn’t think so. She’s a wildly talented actor, funny as hell, and honestly seems like she’s really fun to hang out with. Plus, she makes us feel so calm when she’s on screen. So go watch her on Mom tonight, and watch our playlist of some of her greatest hits. Hooray for Allison!

Alex Lynn Ward Is Our Funny Woman Of The Week!

Alex Lynn Ward is our hero. The actor and comedian selflessly provides makeup tips and movie spoilers for broke bitches on her Youtube channel, she answers all our really important questions about firefighter poop and emojis, and she teaches us all how to follow appropriate office etiquette over on the WhoHaha Snapchat. She’s basically like a hot Gandhi.

So this week, we’re all about Alex! We put together some of our favorite ALW videos into a playlist for you to enjoy, plus she’ll be taking over our Instagram and we’re gonna feature some of her greatest tweets. Get stoked people, it’s gonna be a great week.

The Yaas Kween 90’s Jam We Need Right Now

If you’re a kween, let us hear you say ‘YAAASSS’! We can’t hear you through the computer but we’re gonna assume lots of you just screamed yaass at work. Well good! Because the world needs to know that you’re a lady monarch, just like the world needs to hear this magnificent 90’s inspired ballad from the dope broads of Pure and Weary, Katherine and Leah. Thank you for blessing us with this inspiring party anthem, you aggro little angels.