‘Can I Pet Your Dog’ Is Officially The Cutest Comedy Podcast

We are obsessed with Can I Pet Your Dog. Nearly as obsessed as the hosts are with meeting dogs! Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert are two LA-based comedians who share a maybe-over-the-top love for all things pup-related. So they made a podcast about dogs!

Each episode features different segments, including Mutt Minute, Dogs We Met, Facebook Thread Of The Week, Drool School, and way more delightfully named lil puppy topics. Plus each week they feature a conversation with a hilarious dog-loving comedian, and past guests have included their producer Alexis Preston, Emily Axford, Julie Klausner, Nicole Byer, and LIN-MANUEL FREAKING MIRANDA.

Also the show is very clean, so if you have a kid who needs to be introduced to some dope ass comedy ladies, but you don’t want them to hear words like ‘dope’ and ‘ass’, this is the podcast for you!


Here’s the first episode with Lin-Manuel!

Here’s the ep with Nicole Byer!

And here’s the most recent episode!


So whatcha waiting for, go subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, and then follow them on Facebook and Instagram! You won’t regret it.