Emilia Clarke is Friggin Hilarious

Emilia Clarke doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to be funny playing Daenerys on Game of Thrones. Which is a crying damn shame if you ask us, because the woman is so so funny. She shines in interviews and she slays in sketches, and we’re 100% ready for her to host SNL and be in every buddy comedy movie. She’s gonna be the Khaleesi of Comedy someday, and while we wait for that to happen let’s all watch this playlist of a few of her greatest moments.

The Funniest Freakin Tweets of The Week


But before we get there, enjoy the very freshest tweets of the week!



‘Stella Got Her Groove Back’ but for a woman who dumped herself, get on that Hollywood


Somebody get her a syringe of kale pulp STAT.


We need, in reverse order: duck, popcorn, women doing sports


The Mad Prez is a pretty tight rap name, honestly.


Oh thiiiiiis is what Snapchat is for


Ragnarok, guns out.


Savage. Savage and accurate.


Finally got woke 10 minutes before we had to go to bed yeesh.


Hmm makes u think.




What happened here how did this end we need to know?!?!


Time for that post-lunch emotional breakdown!


Medium espresso is better than medium sex, let’s get real here.


Can’t wait for it to be turned to into a book called ‘The Woman Who Never Cried and Was Always Chill’


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The Love Spells May Be Lies, But The Drama Is Real

Witches are having a moment. Suddenly everybody and their college roommate are buying crystals and casting spells. It’s like, excuse, some of us have been Wiccans since Buffy was on the air. But whatever.

This coven is one we’d definitely want to hang with. The Real Housewitches of Salem are sassy, brassy, and also kind of horrible. Just what we look for in our reality tv stars.