Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Tweets



You made it through another week, so treat yourself to this list of the funniest tweets from this week!

Aren’t we all?!

Very true.

Choking on a donut>better than most things.

Toilet’s aren’t as dirty as we think, right?

Give it a few more years.


He was truly a legend.

That’s literally the name of every one of his characters, right? Just “Mission Impossible.” Mish Imposs for short. 

You aren’t alone.

Where all the cuties at?!

Happy Holidaze.

And Monday and Tuesday and Friday…


Honestly, still pretty terrifying.

Otherwise she has no worth!

The truest statement. Brows=everything.

YEP. We are perfect, flawless creatures.

Reasons to pick up and flee: spiders, spiders, and spiders.

Let’s all just get crushes on ourselves, yeah?

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