Amy Poehler Is Creating A Reality Show ?

It’s like someone got us the gift we didn’t know we always wanted. Oh what a glorious day. NBC just greenlit a reality show hosted by Kween Amy and angelic human moustache Nick Offerman, and get this – it’s all about people who make cool stuff. It’s called The Handmade Project, and Poehler is gonna be the crafting noob while Offerman plays the expert. And the best news? YOU COULD BE ON IT!! If you’re crafty you can apply at

So in honor of this exciting news, we’re sharing this magnificent mashup of Ron and Leslie moments. They just couldn’t be cuter.

Calm Down Matt Damon

Can you imagine a world where there were no white men to save us all? What would even happen??!? Guess we would just have to, like, save ourselves or something.

Atsuko Okatsuka brought the ??? with her sketch that imagines what might actually happen if Matt Damon showed up to save China, like he’s apparently gonna do in that wall movie. Long story short, he’ll teach us all the important lesson that gluten = white people flu.