The Ocean’s 8 Trailer Is Here And It Is Glorious

Praise all the movie goddesses, Ocean’s 8 looks fucking spectacular. This sequel to the heist franchise that will outlive us all stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, a master thief who assembles a team of criminal badasses to take on the biggest con in history and oh my god why are you still reading this, watch the trailer!! Rihanna as a hacker! Mindy Kaling as a jewel forger! Movies don’t get funner than this.

We’re Here For Emma Stone On SNL

If you were worried Emma wouldn’t kill in on Saturday night, well, you’re a fool. OF COURSE she about killed us dead with laughter, and OF COURSE they made her do a high school theatre sketch. This ep was definitely not afraid to experiment, and yeah not every sketch was perfect this week, but it was definitely dominated by the ladies.

So yeah duh of course we had to start with the candle song. Emma, Aidy and Kate all celebrate the magical candle that everyone has at some point given as a last minute gift. And they do it in high-90’s soft focus fur glamour.


Then of course there’s the theatre show. Every time they do one of these we’re like ‘eh do we need another’ and then every time we’re like ‘HOLY CRAP YES THIS IS AMAZING’. Emma’s little weird genderless pixie cut is truly every theatre teen.


Finally, we need to talk about the well sketch. This one’s for all the sensitive boys, and the moms who get them. But it’s also for anyone who’s ever longed for a well to whisper secrets to, and we’re pretty sure that applies to anyone reading this website. Here’s to you, bbs.


And by the way? This holiday season, don’t forget to give the candle.

We Gotta Talk About Kathy Bates’ Vibrator

It’s every woman’s nightmare. You’re in Chicago, on your way to some hotel humping, and your ‘do goes off in the elevator. Well spooky powerhouse Kathy Bates lived that nightmare, and we just spent about 10 minutes straight laughing about her story of sex toy shenanigans. Damn Kathy.