Tara And Johnny Commentate Kids Fail Videos

One of the greatest things to come out of the 2018 Winter Olympics is Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir’s commentary. The fabulous duo and their bedazzled headphones have become the symbols of all that is good about sports. But what if they turned their hosting talents to videos of little kids falling down? Lauren Howard Hayes and Elizabeth Saydah dared to ask that very question, and the results are spectacular.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Jaimie Alexander

Who is cooler than Jaimie Alexander? No one, except maybe possibly an ice statue of Jaimie Alexander.

She plays a badass on Blindspot but she’s also a real life badass who started an all-women wrestling team, chooses her scripts based on how feminist they are, and kicks major butt as an athlete. That makes her a perfect Wednesday woman crush.

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The Funniest Darn Tweets Of The Week


It’s been a wild week in politics/sports/global warming, let’s celebrate the weekend with some delicious 140-character comedy! How divine.



YES this is a tweet about a snap. But Megan’s takeover was truly a work of art.


It’s just a phase! A crippling 27 year phase!


We’re so desperate to see his face when he opened this.


Us af, honestly.


We nominate this woman to narrate the 2016 documentary 40 years from now because she is perfection.


This sounds pretty goddamn sexually compelling to us.


But is Brittney looking for best friends, orrrr…?


When a shipwreck is doing better political commentary than all the major networks ??


Also that her first name isn’t Mom???


Everyone’s just mad because Malia’s cooler than they were in high school. Give the child some cereal.


Hahahahhah sobsobsobsob


Our dreidel spins always get 16.000.


If voting were this dope, more people would be voting. LABIA 4 PREZ.


Samantha is the grandma America needs.


This is grounds for divorce in most states.

Looks like you gotta go in to that furnace, bro.


Rare… and beautiful.


Leslie Jones Just Made a Miracle Occur on Twitter ?

Hi, welcome to the feel-good story OF THE YEAR.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Leslie Jones was getting hassled by racist garbage monsters on Twitter? Well the unstoppable Leslie J didn’t give up on making funny 140-character jokes. She just kept slaying, and since the Olympics started she’s been live-tweeting them, and it’s the funniest thing on the internet. In fact, she tweeted so good that NBC said they’d bring her to Rio to be a commentator.

Watch her commentary, then cry sweet tears of joy and pride. USA! USA! USA!









YASSSSSSS!! Sincerely can’t wait for her to get there.