Funny Lady of the Week: Nina Concepcion

Let us introduce you to a very special lady. Nina Concepción is an actor, writer, improviser, author, comedian and all around badass babe. She wrote a hilarious book of essays, she’s a performer at the UCB Theatre in LA, and she co-created Schmotts, an amazing webseries that’s making the festival circuit. There’s nothing she can’t do, tbh. So who better to pick as our creator of the week! Pour out a glass of rosé for our heroine, and watch these sketches and clips like there’s no tomorrow. Yay Nina!

We Just Love Kate Walsh

Gray’s Anatomy. Private Practice. Bad Judge. The Hotwives of Orlando. Under The Tuscan Sun. They’re not just hella fun movies and TV shows directed/produced/written by women. They’re also tv shows and movies that were given glorious glittering life by our absolute favorite, Kate Walsh.

She’s had the coolest career, from doing sketch comedy in New York to being one of Shondaland’s reigning queens with a perfume line and a buncha businesses. A true hilarious bamf. So to celebrate Kate on this, the day of her birth, we put together a playlist of some of her greatest moments. It’s our little gift to you.

TBT To Comedy’s Greatest Trailblazer

If you don’t know about Moms Mabley already, well, we feel sad for you. She was one of the creators of standup comedy, but her legacy gets ignored and it’s a crying shame. So let’s try to fix that, shall we?

Moms was a female, black, lesbian, elderly comedian at a time when it was just about impossible to be any two of those things at the same time in America, and yet she slayed crowds onstage and onscreen. She came out at 27, supported other young comedians all her life, hustled hard on the mostly-black ‘Chitlin circuit’, and eventually played Carnegie Hall and The Ed Sullivan Show. None of us would be here without her, honestly. So from the bottom of our hearts thank you, Moms, for carving out a place for all of us in the big wide world of comedy.

The Queen Janeane Playlist

Janeane Garofalo might be the og feminist comedy icon. She’s been all about telling uncomfortable truths since way back in her SNL days, and she hasn’t stopped since. Apparently she hates the internet, so she’s never gonna see this, but this playlist is our way of saying thanks for inspiring hella funny women to find their own voices, take no shit, and smash the patriarchy through laughter and honesty.

Ask A Girl With Elizabeth Banks: Sexy British Accents

A little while back, we asked if anyone had questions they’d always wanted to ask a lady. Hoo boy, did they ever. So we put those sassy and raunchy and adorable questions to our fave hilarious lady Elizabeth Banks, and of course her answers were amazing. From the WhoHaha vaults we bring you… Ask A Girl! In this episode: will British accents get you laid?

Pour Some Bubbly, Ab Fab Comes Out Today!!

If you didn’t grow up watching Absolutely Fabulous, we feel sad for you sweetie. It’s the most glamorous, woman-focused British, ridiculous, cringey, hilarious show and we love Edina and Patsy to bits.

We’re also juiced that Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French and Joanna Lumley – comedy role models and badass best friends – finally got to make a movie version. In honor of the premiere, here are the Ab Fab ladies carrying the Olympic Torch in classic style.