Being A Cougar Isn’t Easy

We don’t use the words ‘dating expert’ lightly, but it seems like Marina Franklin might be one. Maybe not when it comes to the actual dating, but definitely when it comes to making jokes about it. Do yourself a favor and go watch more of her stand-up, because the woman is a damn genius when it comes to crafting a joke.

Storytime With Nicole Byer: The Jewish Boy Who Got Away

While drunken nights and memories might make you cringe, they mostly make for a hilarious story the next day….or week. Comedian Nicole Byer takes storytelling to a whole other level with her hilarious tale about the boy that got away. Watch her recount the outlandish events which include peeing on a floor, drinking an entire bottle of vodka, and insisting the guy she has a crush on is gay.

Nicole, you are a true queen and may you reign forever.