Niecy Nash Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

Yas Niecy yaaaaasss! We’ve been big fans of Niecy Nash since way back in her Reno 911! days, and she just keeps getting funnier and more fabulous. She’s a gem on The Mindy Project, slays on Scream Queens, and she proved she’s an ACTOR in Selma.  We vote Niecy for president of tv, honestly.

We Could Listen To Niecy Nash Talk All Day

Us after watching this interview clip of Niecy Nash on Conan:

During her recent visit, the comedian and actress told a funny story about her husband from the Emmys. Honestly, Niecy could talk about the California drought and make it the funniest thing in the entire world. Enjoy the clip and try to control the intense urge to make her your best friend.

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