Apply Now For The MacMillan Genius/Idiot Grant!

Every year, millions of dollars in grant money are awarded to geniuses who are contributing to the sciences and arts. But what about the dummies? Where’s our grant?! Thankfully we have Alison Rich, the undeniable comedy genius who invented the MacMillan Genius Grant (For Idiots). Smash that watch button to see all the brilliant morons receiving grants this year. It’s our new favorite web series no question.

Please Watch The New Baking Show ‘Nailed It’

Do you regularly avoid social events so that you can watch The Great British Bake-Off? Do you know more about Master Chef Jr than you do about your own job? Oh honey, do we have a show for you. ‘Nailed It’ is hosted by our forever fave Nicole Byer, and it features a bunch of amateur cooks trying their best to not end up with a Pinterest fail. It’s so funny, it’s so heart warming, just watch it, duh.

TBT to Nicole Byer Screaming About Clams

We’re throwing it back to one of the truly classic sketches from comedy history. Nicole Byer screaming ‘YOU GET A CLAM’ will echo in our hearts forever. It’s fierce and it’s funny and it calls out Hollywood for its racist BS like no other. Also did you know that this was directed by Sasheer Zamata?? It’s like all the talented people are best friends, yanno?

Loosely Exactly Amazing

Right from the first 3 lines of this show, you can tell it’s gonna be one of the funniest friggin things ever to appear on tv. Nicole Byer is so effortlessly hilarious, and we’re so stoked that MTV gave her a chance to showcase her insane talent. From racist casting calls to the amazing fake french, Loosely Exactly Nicole has everything AND THIS IS ONLY THE TRAILER.