The Lady Dynamite Season 2 Trailer Is HERE

And it is GLORIOUS. At the end of season 1 we were kind of like ‘hmm, how will our favorite angel Maria Bamford top this’. Now, having watched this trailer like 15 times in the last 5 minutes, we can confidently say that she did it. Season 2 is gonna be more bonkers, more beautiful, more celebrity-filled, more funnier even. November 10th, please get here soon.

10 Years Later, The Wet Hot Crew Is Back Together

They partied straight into our hearts in 2001. Now the Camp Firewood crew are back in the woods for their 10 year reunion. And we are PUMPED. Based on this trailer it looks like the makeouts are sloppier, the jokes are punchier, and the wigs are even wiggier. And boy howdy is it ever packed with amazing funny women.

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Is Gonna Be Bloody And Fun

You tryna zombie and chill? We most definitely are, and Drew Barrymore’s new show looks like the suburban sitcom of our dreams. Drew plays a realtor/mom who wakes up dead one day, and while we’d pretty much watch Drew do anything the writing on this honestly seems fire. The trailer just dropped, and we can’t wait for the whole show to be out.

Haters Beware, Miranda Has A TV Show Now

Miranda Sings is one of the internet’s greatest creations. She’s the high-strung, self-confident, talentless creation of the very talented Colleen Ballinger, and she’s been living on Youtube for years now. And now she has her own Netflix show! Starting today, you can watch Miranda on the big(ger) screen as she sings, dances, and sasses her way to stardom. Yay for weirdos everywhere!

Iliza Shlesinger Is Gonna Kill It Tonight

Oh you like to spend your Friday nights at parties? Cool, cool, yeah, sounds dope. But us, we’re gonna be on the couch with a crapload of snacks and Iliza Shlesinger’s new standup special.

There’s so much gold in this trailer alone (‘prey, I mean date’) that this is bound to be one of the best half hours of all time.