Here’s To The Ho In The Mirror

Sometimes you gotta take a look at the ho in the mirror and say ‘damn, I look good in this dress’. Other times you take a peek and have to be like ‘girl get it together’. Our hero Cynthia LuCiette and her hilarious buddies Talithia Lewis and Precious Hall wrote this anthem to realizing that you’re exhausted and it’s time to settle on one eggplant emoji for a minute.

Don’t Miss This Sensual Ode To Pop-Tarts

Somebody give Karla Solarte a Nobel Prize because she is a certifiable genius. She’s the brilliant loon behind Rosa G, and now she’s created a dance-pop ode to everybody’s favorite breakfast candy, Pop-Tarts. Our favorite songwriter and our favorite source of diabetes, together at last. Praise!

I Like You Better On Facebook (Music Video)

It’s the song for a generation – I Like You Better On Facebook is truly an anthem for anyone who’s been let down IRL. Once again, we’re blaming everything on social media. RIP the days when we all weren’t oversaturated and overexposed!

SIDENOTE: Can we talk about those purple unitards? HEAVEN.