Complex Female Character? Or Just a Total Jerk?

Uh oh, Joanna Bradley done did it again. One of our favorite writers made another classic trailer for yet another poorly-written and super cliche female character. We’re talkin’ bout the Sarcastic Nightmare Downer Girl! Because why write women with a personality when you can just make them mean assholes who love old pizza?!

Underwritten Female Characters: The Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

Women have so many opportunities in movies nowadays. We can be the supportive girlfriend, the funny (but not too funny) sidekick, the nagging wife, the tits. But did you ever wonder what happens to all those underwritten characters when their movies are over? Well you’re about to find out.

Bree Essrig and Nuclear Family did it again, y’all. This fake trailer features some of our favorite funny internet ladies, and we’ve already watched it like 8 times.