The Funniest Dang Tweets Of The Week

Whooooooo’s ready for the weekend???

Oh thank friggin god we’re almost there. But while we wait for sweet sweet Saturday, let these funny tweets wash you away on a tide of giggles.


No need to repent for perfection.

LICK MY P – oh sorry yeah this one is more relatable.


Oh shit. OH SHIT.


Hahahah yeah our social anxiety is fun and trendy now, right guys? Guys?


This is a devastatingly accurate synopsis of the debate, MSNBC please hire her.


Jogging you wear a cute sweatband.


Yet another way internet trolls are like horrible movie monsters.


Honestly our hearts ache for little Teddy all the dang time.


You ? Don’t? Need? 15? Different? Stories ?


This is a very upsetting tweet that is also very correct. Now bring us a horse so we can touch it’s soft mane.


Office bagels = us not going Bobbitt on everyone.


HOT DAMN if all literary criticism was this salty we’d all be professors.


We’re actually sad for Heben come to think of this.


But it was on saaaaaaaale ?


How did it turn out though Bridgid we need to know!?!?!


New bedtime prayer.


Ugh can you even imagine? Zach Braff is basic af.


How dare you! But also yes correct. But also please hold me.


Let’s be frank, making older white men mad is the greatest sport of all.