This Is The Greatest Gatsby Ever

We never knew how badly we wanted to hear the phrase ‘millionaire nipples’ before we saw this sketch from genius Maggie Monahan. So much better than the DiCaprio one, it’s not even funny. Except that this triumph of fan fic is really, really funny.

This bad boy also features the talents of Caitlin Coons, Ryan McGowan, Patrick McDonald, Kelly Voke, and Forrest Tiffany, aka Bearhug.

We All Have ~Tiny Fantasies~

When the barista rolls their eyes at your order and you fantasize about slapping the cup out of their hands. When your ex-boyfriend slides into the DM’s and you fantasize about posting the screenshot. Ooh, when a dude catcalls you and you fantasize about screaming right in his stupid sexist face. All these tiny fantasies help us get through the day.

Which is why the series Tiny Fantasies from Maggie Monahan and Sydney Nikols is p much our favorite thing on the internet right now. It’s so funny and so, so, SO satisfying.