Dick Pics IRL

Isn’t wild how dudes who would never flash their genitals to a woman in public think it’s fine to do it via phone. Like what would happen if they actually had to deal with the consequences of their harassment? This fire sketch from Jennifer Levinson dares to ask that very question. And also brings his mom into the mix, because that’s what a bad bitch does.

We’re In Love With The Comedy Jam

Formerly known as the Goddamn Comedy Jam (but don’t worry, they took the swears out) ((jk no they didn’t)), this Comedy Central series has everything we like in it. Comedians get paired up with rock stars, and take to the stage to belt out their fave hits. But in a funny way though! And the best possible episode to start with is this little tune from hilarious stand-up Fortune Feimster and super star Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. Boy byyyeeee!

Hilarious Trans Ladies We Love

Please buckle up, because you’re about to laugh so hard you fall out of your damn chair. In honor of Trans Day of Visibility, and also in honor of women who are funny as hell in general, we put together a playlist of some of our favorite funny ladies. We got everything from stand-up to cabaret to movies to interviews – basically it’s a whole hour of dope women doing what they do best. And they’re gonna make your day like 600% better.

Wooo! It’s Spring Break!!!!!

Omg like is there any better week of the year than spring break??? It’s basically Burning Man but with Bacardi 151 instead of mushrooms/teens instead of tech bros. Aka it’s paradise. And every spring break, we here at WhoHaha get a hankering for this timeless SNL sketch starring Amy, Maya, and Cameron D. Three perfect angels, one perfect song.