Leslie Jones’ Olympic Coverage Is Everything

If you’re not following Leslie Jones reporting on the Olympics on Twitter, you are making a HUGE mistake. It’s the funniest, raunchiest, goofiest coverage we’ve ever seen and we can’t wait for the next two weeks. Catch up on last night’s ice skating, then share the magic of Leslie with all your friends.






























Leslie Jones Just Made a Miracle Occur on Twitter ?

Hi, welcome to the feel-good story OF THE YEAR.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Leslie Jones was getting hassled by racist garbage monsters on Twitter? Well the unstoppable Leslie J didn’t give up on making funny 140-character jokes. She just kept slaying, and since the Olympics started she’s been live-tweeting them, and it’s the funniest thing on the internet. In fact, she tweeted so good that NBC said they’d bring her to Rio to be a commentator.

Watch her commentary, then cry sweet tears of joy and pride. USA! USA! USA!









YASSSSSSS!! Sincerely can’t wait for her to get there.