The Kween Wiig Playlist

How do we express our love for Kristen Wiig. She’s like a rainbow wrapped in taffy and rolled in the funniest effing impressions anyone has ever done. Her comedic talent is ridiculous, and in the last couple of years she’s been just killing it in dramatic roles too.

In honor of our Renaissance woman and #1 funny boo, we created this playlist of some of her greatest moments. We got movies, we got interviews, we got SNL, and we got some very weird sketches from early in her career. You’re welcome, world.

If Kristen Wiig Doesn’t Get An Oscar For This, We Give Up

It’s finally here. The trailer for Kristen Wiig’s upcoming tour de force film, “Crying In a Sweater.” Kristen’s performance can only be described as haunting, moving, and method. Seriously. If she doesn’t get an Oscar nom for this, what even are the Academy Awards?!

Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for being brave enough to premiere the emotionally riveting trailer.