Maruchi The Hairdresser

We love absolutely everything that Jenny Lorenzo makes. But her new character Maruchi will have a special place in the heart of anyone who’s ever had their hair cut in the living room of a woman who’s also screaming at her teenage daughter. Maruchi loves the chisme and hates what Laritza is wearing to the club, and she’s our new favorite peluquera.

Rita Moreno Vs The Abuelas

Rita Moreno has been the GOAT for a long long time, and she probably deserves all the Oscars. But this sketch from Mitu in which Rita meets the Abuelas might be Ms Moreno at her cutest. What happens when two grandmas sneak into the dressing room of their favorite star? Only the most charming sketch we’ve ever seen in our friggin lives.

Introducing The New Amazon Abuela!

Sure, it’s nice when Amazon’s Alexa tells you the exact temperature, or reminds you what you have to do that day. But wouldn’t it be even better if it also yelled at you to put on a sweater and insisted that you buy a present for your 3rd grade teacher’s grand-nephew? Jenny Lorenzo’s beloved character Abuela is back, and saltier than ever.