TBT – Whoopi’s Talk Show Was So 90’s and So Good

We could prob guess your age based on whether you know Whoopi Goldberg from Sister Act, Star Trek, The Color Purple, or The View. But we won’t, because this isn’t that kinda site.

A lot of people forget, though, that Whoopi had a talk show in the 90’s, and had some of the most amazing women in showbiz as guests, including the hilarious Joan Rivers. It got real poignant. The footage is super raw, but the conversation is worth it.

Jokes Straight White Guys Can’t Tell

This one’s for anyone who’s ever been burned out on watching another straight, white, cis, 35-45 year old dude tell jokes. So, every comedy fan.

In this segment from Late Night, Meyers sets up hilarious writers Amber and Jenny to tell jokes they wrote that just aren’t right coming from him. And spoiler alert? THEY KILL IT. Somebody give these two a show of their own.