Petey Gibson Is Our Creator Of The Week!

How badass is Petey Gibson?? From creating the hilarious series Meals With Mary to writing rad sketches to performing stand-up and improv all over the globe, there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do. We’re card carrying members of the Petey Posse, and we wanted everyone to share in the magic that is this hilarious comedian. So we created a playlist of a few of their greatest hits, so you get in on the party. Yay Petey!

We Can’t With The Bachelorette, And Neither Can Kristen Wiig

Sometimes Kristen Wiig goes on Fallon and does impressions of people she knows nothing about. And honestly? It’s so funny it’ll make you pee your couch cushions.

But since tonight is hometown visits with the bland squad on The Bachelorette (name c/o Megan McKay), we had to share Wiig’s impression of JoJo. #PickJorJorBinks

Racist Sexist Improv Class

The realness is pouring out of this video and we can barely take it. We’ve officially turned into a combination of praise hands emojis, snaps, claps, hallelujah’s – all of the above. Basically anything that screams, “PREAAAACH!” is what we have turned into.

Anna Akana & Cynthia Kao have written one of the most relevant, smart, hilarious, and honest sketches about improv comedy. Words can’t do it justice, so puh-lease watch and enjoy.

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus Is The Comedy Podcast You Need In Your Life

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Lauren Lapkus

You might recognize comedian Lauren Lapkus from Orange Is The New Black as sweet officer Susan Fischer, or from summer blockbuster Jurassic World as the equally adorable and charming Vivian. Homegirl is an absolute charm machine, and is an improviser (along with being a powerhouse actress) at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

She also hosts one of the most hilarious podcasts around – “With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.” The super unique and funny podcast is great because with each episode, Lauren (who is actually the host of the show), plays the “special guest.” It’s a completely improvised podcast and she has some of the best comedians on as guests, including Paul F. Tompkins, Cameron Esposito, and Andy Daly. Check out a recent episode below and let your ears be happy.