The Ocean’s 8 Trailer Is Here And It Is Glorious

Praise all the movie goddesses, Ocean’s 8 looks fucking spectacular. This sequel to the heist franchise that will outlive us all stars Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean, a master thief who assembles a team of criminal badasses to take on the biggest con in history and oh my god why are you still reading this, watch the trailer!! Rihanna as a hacker! Mindy Kaling as a jewel forger! Movies don’t get funner than this.

A Hilarious Mini-Doc About Lady Freedom Fighters

Bet you never thought you’d see those words together! But this piece from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee combines kickass female Peshmerga members, fearless educators, funny asides, and some truly sick Trump burns, to create one of our favorite documentaries of all time.

Women Slayed SNL This Season

Was this the best season of Saturday Night Live ever? But like… was it though??? The writing has been topical and hilarious, the production values are better than most actual movies, but above all the women in the cast have been blowing us the frick away with every single episode.

We’re all still reeling over the news that Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata are leaving the cast. But now’s the perfect time to celebrate all that they brought to the show. Thank you, queens!

Really Important Questions: Which DiCaprio Is The Best DiCaprio?

We’re obsessed with Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia. And they’re obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio. So naturally when we had them in the WhoHaha studio, we had to ask them which Leo was the Leo to rule all Leo’s. The hosts of The Fixxx podcast definitely didn’t disappoint. K bye gotta go relive our horny teenage Leo memories!

We Need Abbi & Ilana Back In Our Lives

Waiting for Broad City season 4 to drop is agonizing. And honestly? We need Abby and Ilana now more than ever. So while we burn one (candle, of course) and wait for them to come back, we’ll be re-watching this weird mini movie with the Broad City babes and Amy and Tina. Then we’ll prob re-watch Sisters. Then seasons 1-3 of Broad City. Then we’ll take a nap.