The Only How-To Video You’ll Ever Need: How To Bail On Going Out

We’ve all been there. For some reason all of your friends were born in the same month and you have about a thousand birthday parties to attend. Are you actually going to go to them? No. Akilah Hughes has a solution… which may or may not cause you to lose all of your friends.

Life Hack: Send a card in advance and then stay home and watch Netflix — just make sure you don’t run into the birthday boys and girls while you’re scheming.

“Elastic Pants”: The Sia Parody That Is An Anthem To Over-Eaters Everywhere

Never has there been a song more relatable than one about eating too much and needing stretchy pants. Parody song wizard Michelle Glavan has turned Sia’s Elastic Heart into what can only be described as a love song to sweatpants. We ain’t mad about it.  In fact, IT’S PERFECT.

That Horrifying Moment When You Forget YOUR OWN MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY

ALERT! ALERT! This video is just too damn real. We’ve all been there and we’re literally cringing as we think about it – forgetting your mom’s birthday. NOOOOO. Akilah Hughes takes us through that horrifying moment when you’re talking to your mom on the phone and realize YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY.

Blame it on the mail, yeah?

Kale Me Now: The “Organic” Shopping Struggle

If you’re a kale-loving, almond milk-drinking, Whole Foods-shopping Los Angeleno, this scenario will look pretty familiar to you.

When you hit the point at which you’ve eaten takeout while marathoning Netflix more nights of the week than you’d like, it’s time to bite the bullet and head to the grocery store. It’s a simple in and out trip… unless you get accosted before you can even make it inside. When you spend more money saving the whales than you did on your organic produce, you become a true, card-carrying Southern Californian. Congratulations!