The 20-Somethings You Meet In LA

LA is like Crossfit. We’ve all thought about trying it, some of us actually have, and most of those quit in disgust within 6 months because all their money is gone and they feel like shit. But while you’re there, you’re most definitely 100% going to meet the weirdos in this sketch from Rinny Riot. Kombucha girl is real real, y’all.

Kale Me Now: The “Organic” Shopping Struggle

If you’re a kale-loving, almond milk-drinking, Whole Foods-shopping Los Angeleno, this scenario will look pretty familiar to you.

When you hit the point at which you’ve eaten takeout while marathoning Netflix more nights of the week than you’d like, it’s time to bite the bullet and head to the grocery store. It’s a simple in and out trip… unless you get accosted before you can even make it inside. When you spend more money saving the whales than you did on your organic produce, you become a true, card-carrying Southern Californian. Congratulations!