Do YOU Have An Ethical Boyfriend?

The telltale signs – he brags about being a feminist but thinks monogamy is ‘unnatural’, he brings a guitar to parties, all his food comes from jars or dumpsters. Hannah Warman just identified a type of dude we didn’t even have a name for, plus she wrote the catchiest song of the summer.

How To Answer The Rude Holiday Questions

Doesn’t matter how well your career is going, or how happy your relationship is, or how many babies you squeezed out ya body. When you see family for whatever holiday you celebrate, someone is going to ask an inappropriate question that smacks you right in the feelings. Luckily, Megan Mackay is here to give you some pre-written responses for each rude-ass remark that your old-ass aunt is sure to make. Your holidays are about to get 10x funnier.