Janice Gunter, Ghost Hunter

Welcome to your new favorite web series. Janice Gunter is a ghost-hunting, sweater-vest-wearing, Ma-loving weirdo whose greatest dream is to be a paranormal investigator. Shit is almost too relatable. Plus, it also features some of our favorite New York comedians, like creator Elizabeth McDonough, and Aparna Nancherla, Catherine Curtain, Sunita Mani, Larisa Oleynik, Constance Shulman, and way way more. We are eagerly anticipating the official premiere of season one, but meanwhile you can watch some of our favorite Janice moments on her YouTube page right here.

Melissa McCarthy Is Literal Perfection

Ok so not to be too poetic about it, but Melissa McCarthy is one of those rare shining lights of comedy that could make us laugh just by sitting in a chair. Every single thing she does is friggin hilarious, whether it’s an interview or a movie or some goofy SNL sketch. We are so lucky to have her in our lives, and we made this playlist as a reminder that the woman can’t not be funny.

The Kween Wiig Playlist

How do we express our love for Kristen Wiig. She’s like a rainbow wrapped in taffy and rolled in the funniest effing impressions anyone has ever done. Her comedic talent is ridiculous, and in the last couple of years she’s been just killing it in dramatic roles too.

In honor of our Renaissance woman and #1 funny boo, we created this playlist of some of her greatest moments. We got movies, we got interviews, we got SNL, and we got some very weird sketches from early in her career. You’re welcome, world.

We Went To The Ghostbusters Premiere and Could Not Be Chill About It

Somebody let us on to the Ghostbusters red carpet, and all we did was ask questions like ‘what flavor would your skin be’ and ‘who do you wish you could haunt’.  Zero. Chill.

But srsly, Alex Lynn Ward is an interview genius and we had the time of our lives talking to the cast and crew. Everyone looked bangin’, their answers were hilarious, and Paul Feig is the sweetest man alive. Go see the movie on Friday and bask in the warm glow of funny, funny women.

Why Can’t Leslie Jones Be A Scientist In The New Ghostbusters?

Believe it or not, people are having a very difficult time wrapping their head around the idea of a black woman being a scientist in a movie about PEOPLE FIGHTING CRAZY GHOSTS. The issue of realism isn’t to do with the science fiction nature of the movie, but rather the race and gender of one of its stars. Cue the shaking of heads in disbelief. Akilah Hughes breaks this issue down perfectly for everyone out there who can’t think seem to grasp the idea of a black female scientist.