So Long Orphan Black ???

Welp, looks like Orphan Black has it’s official last season premiere date. To which we can only say NOOOOOOOOO. If you’re a fan too, there’s no better way to begin saying goodbye than with this hilarious mash up sketch from the mega talented editor behind the Youtube channel Orphan Crack, Pepa Albornoz. Who knew that what we were missing in our life was an Amy Schumer/Orphan Black crossover?!?!

Woman Crush Wednesday (And Every Day): Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge is one of the greatest character actors of this – or any – generation. That’s legit not even controversial. The characters she plays are so lovable but so truly weird. We love her in the Christopher Guest movies, we loved her as Stiffler’s mom, and we have a serious heart-on for her stand-up. All hail the mockumentary queeeeeen!

Full Frontal Gets Fully Nasty

Trolls. Every outspoken woman on the internet gets targeted by them – at this point it’s just a hazard of the job. Like falling beams on a construction site, or bees on a… bee farm.

But Sam Bee deals with trolls like a damn professional bee keeper. We love her ‘Real or Fake’ segment from Full Frontal, because the way she deals with mean internet comments is truly inspiring. And also so much funnier than the commenters could ever hope to be. #ByeFelipe