We Love Molly Shannon

It’s Molly Shannon’s birthday! Sound the alarm, cuz we’re bout to party like spastic teenagers in honor of one of the funniest ladies in the world.

She’s an amazing physical comedian, she delivers punchlines like no other, and also she’s got a new indie movie out that proves that she can ACT honey. So celebrate Molly with a few high kicks, then go see Other People, then tweet her and tell her you love her. That’s what we’ll be doing!

Braid Tutorial (Now Featuring Hella Blood!)

If there’s two things we love, it’s powerful women and fancy hair. And if there’s three things we love, it’s powerful women, fancy hair, and HORRIBLE BLOODY VIOLENCE. So of course we’re obsessed with this GoT braid tutorial from College Humor and Emily Axford! Wow, just the day look we’ve been needing!

Honest GoFundMe Is Honestly Hilarious

You’ve seen the Facebook posts. Maybe you’ve even donated. Probably, because you’re a nice person. But just once, wouldn’t it be nice if someone was super honest with their GoFundMe and said ‘I hate working, pay my rent?’

From Alyssa Onofreo comes this perfect sketch where GoFundMe creators just up and tell the truth about why they really want your money. The short version: they just deserve the money more than you do.


When Your Bestie Thinks She’s Latina

We all know a white girl. Some of us even are white girls! And if there’s one thing white girls love, it’s coming back from other countries, like, totally different now.

The geniuses over at Flama (including one of our faves, Karla Solarte) wrote this dead-on sketch about that one friend who spends two weeks in Coloooooooooombia and is suddenly a dedicated Latina.