We Got a Good Feeling About This Season of SNL

The only way to accurately describe last night’s season premiere of SNL is, frankly, with emojis. These emojis: ????????. The cold open was pure perfection, Weekend Update made us drop our dang jaws, and The Weeknd gave us some full body feelings.

But our fave sketch of the night had to be Actress Round Table. Kate McKinnon’s Hollywood golden age era actress was so funny, the writing was so tight/insane, and it was feminist af. Basically, it was everything we need on tv right now.

We can NOT wait to watch the woman-dominated cast slay all year.

Melissa McCarthy Is Literal Perfection

Ok so not to be too poetic about it, but Melissa McCarthy is one of those rare shining lights of comedy that could make us laugh just by sitting in a chair. Every single thing she does is friggin hilarious, whether it’s an interview or a movie or some goofy SNL sketch. We are so lucky to have her in our lives, and we made this playlist as a reminder that the woman can’t not be funny.

Lauren Ash Is Maybe The Funniest Person On TV

PLEASE do not sleep on the greatness of Lauren Ash. She makes everything she’s in about 500% funnier, and we’ve been big fans for years now. From The Second City stage to the Superstore starring role, she’s a nonstop comedy killa.

Let this playlist teach you the glory of our fave primetime BadAsh (that’s a nickname we gave her that she has definitely not approved). FantAshtic!

Ask A Girl With Elizabeth Banks: Sexy British Accents

A little while back, we asked if anyone had questions they’d always wanted to ask a lady. Hoo boy, did they ever. So we put those sassy and raunchy and adorable questions to our fave hilarious lady Elizabeth Banks, and of course her answers were amazing. From the WhoHaha vaults we bring you… Ask A Girl! In this episode: will British accents get you laid?

Everyone Loves Uber, No One Wants To Pay For It

Ride sharing is great! You can pile a whole friend group in a stranger’s car and get to the bar for like 6 bucks. But here’s the thing… someone has to pay for it.

Taylor Cox’s sketch shows the desperate measures we take to avoid calling the Uber. RIP all the phones that lost their lives for this video.