Sydney Nikols Is Our Creator Of The Week!!

Sydney’s also honestly our creator of all weeks because her talent is through the damn roof. She’s an incredible writer (as in she developed a pilot for MTV after winning a deal at NYTVF so you know she’s legit) and she’s also a stellar actor, improviser and all-around bad bish. She’s the queen of our hearts and we can’t wait to watch her amazing career unfold. Hope you someday get a million kisses from Drake, buddy!

The More Rachel Bloom The Better

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes back tomorrow. We’re basically dead from the anticipation. So to ease the pain of waiting for tv’s greatest rom-com to return, we put together a playlist of our favorite Rachel Bloom moments! Honestly there are too many for just one playlist, but we did our best to find her greatest interviews, Crazy Ex numbers, songs she wrote when she was like 22, and goofy bloopers. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Nicole Byer Loves Drinking!!

Whoooooo’s ready for the weeeekend?!?! Nicole Byer, that’s who.

Our #1 girl loves our #1 pastime (boozin), and she went on This Is Not Happening to talk about a few of her wilder stories. Turns out she is a very responsible drunk who will never waste pizza. Our kinda woman.

Please Adopt Us Tina Fey: The Playlist

What do you even say about Queen Tina? She’s a comedy OG, she made SNL what it is today, 30 Rock is one of the funniest shows ever made, and she’s all about supporting hilarious young women. She’s literally perfect.

So to celebrate Her Royal Dopeness we put together this playlist of some of her greatest interviews, sketches, and movie moments. Excuse us while we fangirl out.


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