Barbara Gray Is So Mysterious

GodDAMN Barbara Gray is funny. She kills it on her podcast Lady-to-Lady, she cracks us up in her sketch series Barb & Whitney, but she’s at her purest and Barb-iest when she’s doing standup. Like in this hilarious set, where she names her stretch marks, covers her celebrity doppelganger, confronts her nemesis, and calls out her bad therapist. Very fun stuff.

Single on Halloween? Hex Your Ex!

If we have to see another damn couples costume, we’re gonna puke up all our peanut butter pumpkins. Halloween is about more than happy couples getting tipsy together, guys!

If you’re like us and are flying solo on Halloween, you need to see this ode to getting back at your ex from the ladies of Sister Wives. Get that polter-guy outta your life, witches!