The Very Funniest Tweets Of The Week

Another Friday, another week of insanity to joke about. It’s like the hits just keep on coming!

But as long as the world is just this side of an irradiated wasteland, we’ll be rounding up the week’s greatest tweets and presenting them for your entertainment. You’re welcome!


They are our Luke and Leia and we will fight for them til the end.


Now they can issue executive orders to get girls to kiss each other.




Important advice!


Honestly this is a very sound strategy and we’re glad to see people on Twitter following it.




Muu-muus are the most respectable clothing.


Comedic actresses will save us all.


Honestly he probably looks good for how much coke he does.


Trump redlined that show right into our hearts!


Yeah what the hell, they had swear words in them and everything.


Dibs on a big ass machete.


P sure they grow their own terrorists there anyways.


Us, dying of the radiation plague: ‘At least… (cough, cough) we found… the funniest tweets’