Happy ‘Airlines F*cking You Over’ Season!

You ever wonder if maybe holiday travel is so heinous because the people in charge of the airlines are in to some weird S&M type shit? Like they love making us suffer? In this genius fake commercial from Funny or Die, one of the funniest comedians in the game tells us what’s really behind those gnarly lines and rude as hell delays.

Telling Off A Pay Gap Denier Like ??

Phoebe Robinson should be required viewing in all schools across America. They children are our future, and Phoebe is our role model. And in this video from Make It Work, she teaches us how to clap back at a dingus who thinks that women don’t actually make less money than men. Thank you Queen Phoebe.

Weekly Roundup Of The Very Funniest Tweets

Halloween is over. The World Series is past. This miserable 15 year election season is almost done. WTF are we all going to argue about on Twitter after next week?!?!

Eh, we’ll think of something. Anyhoo enjoy the madness while it lasts! And salute the funny broads who keep us laughing through it all.



Hello we would like one country music now please?


Thank you, Vine, for this and many other gifts.


DAMN that’s a good turn of phrase.


They’re so cute it honestly makes us barf with joy. That dad sweater!


Wow never thought poetry could be this relatable.


This is definitely No Ordinary Bullshit.


Somebody ironically cross-stitch this perfect quote plz.


This is porn.


Sounds like a mix of our childhoods dying and idk like Czech?


K this is the ultimate version of this meme. It can now retire happily.


Anne is a supportive friend, everyone take note.


Never feel bad for breaking up with a therapist if they clearly don’t understand or respect you.


Yeah this news doesn’t mean men are weak, it just means women are TOUGH AS SHIT AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.


This isn’t even funny this is goddamn tragic.


Racists gonna racist!


Do this. We will pay you to do this. Please do it and tell us how it goes.


– every single man’s Tinder bio.