Shoutout To The Dangerous Women

The ladies of JustBoobs are back with a new banger! And this time they’re taking on that Dangerous Woman where the sexy-baby-voiced-singer-who-will-remain-nameless is like ‘being desired by a man is the most important thing in the world, oooh yeah’. This parody spells out just what makes women dangerous and spoiler alert, it’s not our lingerie.

Oh and in case you wanna look up all those badass ladies at the end of the video, their deets are below courtesy of the JustBoobs team. Yay badass women!

Brianna Rios – Mechanical Engineer and marathon runner.
Angeline Trivich – 97-year-old great-grandmother who proudly votes in every election. She was born before women had the right to participate in our democracy fully.
Azie Mira Dungee – writer on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and creator of the viral web series sensation “Ask A Slave
Andrea Poynter McDaniel – Emmy award winning Journalist formerly with NBC 12
Casey Krebs – entrepreneur and founder of Urban Hippie Granola
Sabra Williams – founder of the Actors’ Gang Prison Project for which she was recognized as a Champion of Change in 2016 by The White House
Lisa Schwartz  – Youtube creator and actress with over 2 million subscribers to her channel LisBug.
Jess Lizama – Successful Beauty/Lifestyle Vlogger/actress/writer/blogger/mom – 
Lynn Vavreck – UCLA Professor of Political Science, NYTimes contributing writer – and equestrian!
Nikki Tuazon – actress/dancer/pilates instructor and tae kwon do green belt.
Shilpi Roy – writer/producer/cat mom & co-creator of multi-cam pilot Brown Girls greenlit at FreeForm, about two women of Indian descent
Finley Murphy – 8-year-old surfer & ocean lover.